Gherman J. Krauss

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3923689-ggxrd slayer

A rather sudden change in appearance while training.



Gherman's True Form: The Conceptual Lord

Basic Info
Epithet The Neverending
Alias(es) Gherm, Gher, Krauss, James, Jameson
Alignment Lawful-Good
Race Unknown/Impossible (Originally Human)
Laterality Left-Handed
Gender Male
Age Physical: 31 Real: Too long to count.
Birthday Unkown
Blood Type

Unknown (Due to his transcendence above life and death)

Personal Data
Birthplace Berlin, Germany, Planet Earth
Affiliation The Guardians
Headquarters The Guardians HQ
Occupation Leader of the Guardians/Potential leader of the Celestials.
Family None
Powers and Abilities

"Level Up!", Power of the Steel Tempest

Abilities (WIP)

Beyond Life and Death

"The Strongest"

Beyond All Rules

True Master

Steel Tempest Stance/Fist/Jab/Speed

Eye Color His normal eye color is a very vibrant shade of sapphire blue. His true unbeatable form makes his eyes glow a blood-red.
Hair Color White (Current), Younger (Black), 20's (Light Brown, dyed)
Height 6'11
Weight Unknown
Favorite Food Preferably sushi, well made pastries and nicely made meatloaf.
Hobby Serving justice to evil beings and hanging with his friends in his mansion-like domain.
Weapon(s) WIP